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Mission Statement

Empowering adults 50+ for personal independence, healthy aging, social connection, and life-long learning in the Lowcountry. 

  • To develop meaningful opportunities and teach skills through a variety of activities.
  • To promote health and wellness to ensure a better quality of life.
  • To encourage opportunities for interactions with the community and other participant for social enrichment.
  • To provide leadership opportunities allowing participants to use their interests and life experiences.
  • To offer services and life-long learning opportunities that enrich and enhance participants’ quality of life and positive feelings of self-worth.
  • To design a program scope that encourages continued independence for participants.




Personal benefits

  • Increase personal satisfaction through freedom, self-actualization, adventure, challenges and creativity.
  • Improve cardiovascular functioning, reduce hypertension, control diabetes, reduce osteoporosis, decrease body fat, increase muscle strength and flexibility, increase lung capacity and reduce incidence of disease and manage chronic illness.
  • Create a sense of wellness, control stress and reduce depression and anxiety.
  • Improve personal development through self-confidence, independence, leadership, creativity, spiritual growth and cognitive efficiency.

Community Benefits

  • Create pride in the community and satisfaction with the quality of life in Charleston.
  • Reduce social alienation and create a sense of belonging.
  • Create and identity a sense of community integration through social outlets.

Economic Benefits

  • Reduce health costs and improve the health of senior adults.
  • Enhance local economy by encouraging travel, tourism and adding to the region’s appeal as a relocation/retirement option.

Environmental Benefits

  • Develop an environmental ethic with focus on protection, understanding, diversity and preservation.




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